5 Things every client should have in their digital brief

1- Objectives


Yes you do have your objectives, and yes awareness is important, but you need to have your digital objectives clear.

For example, your overall campaign objective may be increasing TOM in order to increase sales, however your digital objective may be engaging your consumers in order to create a positive experience that generates this TOM. Another example would be if you have an objective of overall awareness because you are selling a product or service offline, if you are also selling it online, then your digital objective would be sales. The key point here is to identify whether digital has the same objective as the other media, or it has a more specific objective, and setting it accordingly in order to achieve the best output from your campaign.

2- Target Audience



The main aspect of target audience that most people think of at first is the demographics, which is good. However, in order to give your agency the best idea about your audience, make sure you also mention their psycho-graphics and most importantly make sure you mention 2 things, their interests and their behaviors; you can mention what they watch on tv, what they like to do, their hobbies, if they work or not, and the brands they follow. These details will help your agency target your consumers in the most specific way and accordingly you would get the best performance for your campaigns

3- Budget

This one is tricky, because some clients have specific budgets in mind and need to work with them, while others have the flexibility to work around budgets. The key point is to do 2 things:

  •      Give your agency your budget range that you think is best for the campaign (or is what you have)
  •      Ask your agency to give you the best recommended scenario with open budget. Even if you are far from the   budget they recommend, you will have an idea on what is your best scenario, and what you can achieve, and see the possibilities that your product can achieve online.

4- Assets

Assets are an important aspect that many clients overlook. Your assets are your owned media, and they are important in forming the best consumer cycle, as well for achieving the highest efficiency from your campaigns.

In your brief, make sure you mention if you have a landing page for the campaign, or if they are multiple ones. Also, mention what kind of content will be available on your website, what posts will be available on your social media channels, and what channels will communicate your offer; knowing the availability of video content or ads would also help in planning.

If you don’t have a website then perhaps you need to develop a simple landing page for your campaign, or simply direct the campaign to your Facebook page.

How many sets of banners are you going to have, and do they all communicate the same message, or are they different? These details may seem ordinary to you, but they affect the campaign strategy significantly.

5- KPIs

Measurement! Isn’t that what digital advertising is all about?



Yes you may get some insights from the campaign results, but it’s always best to guide your agency towards what is important for you. Here are some KPIs that you may wish to set or at least discuss with your agency before running a campaign:

  • Video: Reach against YouTube or Facebook audience within your target, number of views, % viewed of video, video engagement, VTR
  • Social: Engagement rate, number of engagements, number of comments, CPE, number of fans
  • Display: Number of impressions, clicks, CTR, number of website visits, pageviews, bounce rate
  • Performance: Number of registrations, leads, or sales, CPL, CPA
  • Search: Number of Keywords, clicks, CTR
  • PR: Number of impressions, reach


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