What Qualities to Look for When Hiring for a Startup

The number of startups popping up everywhere is increasing at a rapid pace thanks to the tools made available through new technologies. In a startup, it’s believed that the vision of employees is as important as the founder’s. Big corporates know what they are looking for, which is why they are process-driven rather than being dependent on the raw talent of employees. Their requirements are very simple; follow the rules as close as you can. Startups don’t have the luxury of taking on employees that lack the necessary talent to passionately pursue a founder’s vision.


One of the top qualities any established startup looks for is grit and perseverance. Employees have to know what they are in for because they may have to fight an uphill battle to get the startup to the green zone. The employee should be able to handle failure and frustration as a part of their job. And the best kind of employees that do that are those who have a strong belief in what your startup has to offer, not those only interested in securing a job.

Comfortable with the Unknown

Employees who have spent a long time working for corporations may be shocked by the lack of procedural routines and unstable processes. Many of them view it as a red flag because it’s far from what they are used to. Startup employees see it in a completely different light. Ambiguity and variable processes are a chance to create the most suitable ecosystem through trial and error, in addition to experimenting with unorthodox techniques. It’s still possible to transition into such an environment if the employee is able to communicate well with the team and experiment with the processes themselves.

Team Play

All team-based lines of work require collaboration between colleagues, but startups require an extra mile from an employee to be efficiently collaborative. The roles in a startup aren’t necessarily set in stone, which means employees may have to work with new people on different projects. The success of the startup is highly dependent on the collective effort of the team, not just an individual. Employees have to work amongst themselves to be able to determine the points of strengths and weaknesses that they can complement.

Eye for Analysis

The number of variables in any launching startup is overwhelming for many people. Unfortunately, the road to establishing a successful startup is rocky more than it is smooth; challenges and issues that require improvisation can be the norm at some point. Your employees should have a good eye for tackling issues through analytical skills, weighing their options, and comfortably executing actions autonomously if they have the permission to do so. Adapting to variable environments and situations is a must for any employee working in a startup.


Entrepreneurship attributes usually indicate the ambition of an employee. This type of spirit is very important to drive your business forward because they’ll constantly be looking for ways to stay innovative and stimulate growth. Don’t shy away from asking your employees on new innovative ways to improve the performance of the startup. Being supportive of entrepreneurs will push your business into the next level.

Launching a startup is far from being a straightforward investment. The number of employees you have is already low, so you should ensure that they are handpicked based on a list of well-judged parameters. Don’t rush into making any selections without gauging the potential of an employee and what they can offer to your startup.

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