Top Last-Mile Courier Services in Egypt for Startups

The past few years have been quite eventful in Egypt, especially in the e-commerce sector. There is no denying that the lockdown and other regulations enforced to reduce the impact of COVID-19 have led to the expedition of the shipping and delivery processes. This step was due for a long while, especially considering that more and more businesses are becoming part of the digital world. Unfortunately, most shipping companies haven’t quite nailed the perfect shipping procedures yet, but we are confident to say that they are making great strides in this matter. We’ve assembled a list of the top shipping companies in Egypt that we believe you should consider if you’re trying to ship your products locally or internationally.


Founded in 2019, Bosta has been making some ripples in the local shipping market in Egypt. Not only do they provide simple and effective tracking solutions, but their prices are also quite affordable, starting from EGP 30 for documents and small packages in many locations in Cairo and Alex. Their express delivery, or Next Day Delivery, is quite convenient and quick, guaranteeing the delivery of packages once they receive the pickups. Their digital logistics solutions and cash collection services are quite formidable for a local company competing with the behemoths in such a competitive industry.


Myleryz boasts a fast services that caters to customer and business needs, while providing state of the art technology to keep you in the loop at all times. The company certainly has a very homey feel to it, and is adamant on providing an atmosphere where customers feel like they are part of the family. They provide customers with a reporting package to display data analytics, including consumer behavior and demographic/geographic areas where sales can increase. Customer centric and working with passion, Mylerz also devotes time to give back, by providing workshops and partnering with various NGOs. They provide various services for their customers, including an elite service. Their website doesn’t showcase their prices, but customers can contact them through various ways and learn more about what Mylerz can offer them.


Founded in 2020, Dreevo seeks to challenge the status quo of the last-mile delivery environment in Egypt. The company combines the passion and experience of the youth, while simultaneously offering customers high-quality services with their innovative technology. Through their website and app, you can easily track your shipments, whether it’s a door-to-door delivery or the ease of using their pick-up stations. The website also offers detailed pricing services at affordable rates, starting from a ‘starter’ package to ‘ultimate’ (2000 shipments per month at 25 EGP in Cairo), as well as pricing to other regions within Egypt.


Sprint is one of the few last-mile courier services that focuses on micro-merchants and e-commerce start-ups that are still dipping their toes in the waters of business. Founded in 2018, the company has devoted itself to providing quality delivery while simultaneously making it easy for customers to track their orders. Their technology easily integrates with major players like Shopify, and their notification and dashboard system make keeping an eye on your orders very easy. It’s a very comfortable-looking company, and they do go the extra mile with their sanitizer spray and safety instructions in each package. The downside is that you don’t have a detailed list of how much their services cost.


This courier service was founded in 2014, and boasts a reliable, reasonably flexible and high quality courier service. Their website says it all: We’d rather be professional and consistent than claiming to be the fastest. And to be operating in a competitive field and maintaining clients like Jumia, Diwan and Alef, we can confidently say that they’ve kept to their word. They have an extensive domestic network, and operate across the entire country, working with reliable outsourced partners in areas they don’t personally cover. The beauty of Transporter is their Shipment Prerequisites on their website (can be hard to find – click on ‘More Details’ in their ‘Terms and Conditions’ section to find it). This gives customers details of cost per weight and dimension, with detailed breakdown of their prices.

The type and nature of your business will dictate the services you require from your courier service. Needless to say, the smart thing to do is always compare the prices and find the one most suitable for what you want to do. Also, make sure you read their terms and conditions thoroughly, and watch out for any hidden costs you might not be aware of. At the end of the day, you want what’s best for your startup, and the courier service is not out to get you. Candid conversation and clear requests can make your choice of a courier service look like a match made in heaven!

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