Top 5 Tools for Time Tracking

We are always in a rush to get things done. Even when we get some shut-eye, we have the next day’s tasks to worry about! There is always this need to do more in less time, and with today’s fast pace, enhancing our productivity is no longer a luxury but rather a necessity. This is especially the case if you run a startup business. Because time is money, why not use technology to rise to the challenge and increase your employees’ productivity? Fortunately, there are many powerful time tracking tools that can increase workplace efficiency by allowing you to manage projects and generate more profits. Interested? Here are the top 5 time tracking tools you should invest in.


Do your employees have different payment structures? Tracking how much time they spend on projects and how much money they are owed can become difficult this way. Don’t panic, though, if this is how you do things at your company. With, you will be able to accurately calculate the number of hours they dedicate to projects and use QuickBooks’ integration to reconcile payroll and time tracking data. If you are a freelancer and want to track your time, you can use the software for free. Otherwise, you will have to pay $4.50 for every employee that utilizes the system. Still, it is a great option for those looking for a budget-friendly time tracking software.

2. Harvest

If going through thousands of rows containing figures is not your thing, we’ve got you covered. Harvest is an innovative time tracking software that has all the features you are looking for and much more. Thanks to its use of infographics, you can easily gauge how much time each department spends on projects and create invoices by taking pictures of physical receipts. It also has a smartphone version to enable employees to add entries on the go. Harvest can be a bit expensive, though, if you run a big company since it costs $12 per user. If you want the best of the best and are not concerned about paying a bit extra, Harvest should be right up your alley.

3. Toggl

Toggl is the best choice for both business owners and remote employees. If you have been relying on old methods to track your employees’ work hours, then it is definitely time to switch to Toggl. Through a clean interface and multi-device support, this software allows employees to add entries of the time they spend on tasks and enable business owners to use this data to accurately process payroll. You can choose from the Free, $9 Starter, $19 Premium packages. If you want more control over your payment plan, you can opt for the customizable Enterprise package.

4. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is geared more towards small and midsize businesses. It has all the basic capabilities you might be looking for in a time tracking and project management software. These include keystroke logging, screenshot capturing, and payroll and attendance reporting. Hubstaff also allows you to schedule shifts for your employees. The most comprehensive package you can go for is the $20 premium one, as it offers unlimited integrations and mobile GPS tracking—two features that the free and basic plans do not include. However, if you want to use the stopwatch function, you will have to download a separate app, which might be irksome for some people. Moreover, the reports Hubstaff generates are somewhat basic, so if you want more detailed accounts, this software might not be what you are looking for.

5. Time Doctor

Whether you have a big or small team, Time Doctor is one of the best time tracking solutions you can go for. Given its employee monitoring capabilities and wide array of integrations, this software is favored by hands-on startup owners who want to track even the smallest tasks. Furthermore, it enables users to generate invoices and process payroll. Most importantly, Time Doctor creates in-depth reports about employee attendance and the time your team spends away from their devices. On the flipside, Time Doctor’s interface is not as intuitive as it should be, which means you will take extra time to figure it out. Also, you must use a Chrome extension or separate program to access the stopwatch feature. If you only care about time tracking, opt for the $7 Basic plan. On the other hand, the $10 Standard and $20 packages are best suited for business owners who want payroll automation integrations and 24-hour support.

When you are leveraging smart solutions, tracking and managing your team’s time is not as hard as it sounds. The 5 tools mentioned in this list can help your employees stay productive even when they are bombarded with dozens of tasks. So, what are you waiting for? Give them a try and take your startup to new heights today!

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