Cairo’s Best Coworking Spaces!

Coworking spaces are not new by any means, but they have increased in popularity in recent years. Thanks to the incredible push that modern technology provided, it didn’t take long for coworking spaces to become a staple in the structure of many startups in the early 2000s. There’s no shortage of coworking spaces in Cairo, where many different setups and locations are available. In this article, we’ll be listing the top 4 coworking spaces we believe you’ll fall in love with.

1- AlMaqarr

AlMaqarr is one of the spaces that pioneered the coworking movement in Egypt. It’s one of the most known and trusted coworking spaces among startup owners. With 3 branches located in different parts of Cairo (New Cairo, Downtown, and Heliopolis), you won’t have a hard time finding one near you. You’ll find a fair share of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and students there, thanks to the distinctive interior design of the place. It has individual rooms that can fit up to 15 people, in addition to conference rooms that can be used for business meetings. It offers many facilities that make it easy for any startup to manage its operations smoothly; from printers and scanners to personal lockers and lecture halls. There’s even an outdoor area where you and your partners can collaborate in a relaxing setup that promotes productivity.

2- The Bunker

True to its name, the decorations and interior of The Bunker are specifically designed to maximize privacy and efficiency. Even though there are a lot of private rooms, the bunker manages to maintain a communal vibe with a shared office space where visitors can interact and collaborate. It’s located in one of the quietest areas in Almazha, Heliopolis. The coworking space advertises itself as an environment specifically designed for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and creatives.

3- The District

Despite being one of the oldest coworking spaces in Egypt, The District has managed to maintain a fresh and professional vibe over the years. It offers specific features that make it easy for startups to simply uproot and run their operations there, such as an official business address, phone number, and reception services. With over 25 workspaces, there is no shortage of independent rooms there. Located in Maadi, the venue offers 6 conference halls and 2 big lounges, making it quite cozy and spacious for small teams. If you need to outsource business-related services, they can point you in the right direction, as they offer special discounts on accounting, translation, design, and many other services.

4- Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC)

Located in the Smart Village, TIEC is a very unique space sponsored by the Egyptian government as an initiative to provide guidance and help to new startups and aspiring entrepreneurs. While it is highly focused on businesses and activities related to the information technology field, it is still a great space for entrepreneurs who don’t have their business plan all figured out just yet. It provides training seminars sponsored by some of the world’s leading technology companies, in addition to various cheap rolex replica watches counseling services related to business development. The center also offers market study reports to business owners and entrepreneurs free of charge.

The sheer number of coworking spaces in Cairo means that you have plenty of options to choose from. You’ll find a lot of hidden gems that can provide you with the atmosphere and facilities you need to resume or start your business operations. The hustle and bustle of Cairo makes for a great starting ground for a startup, and any of the above coworking spaces will help you get your business up and running.

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