5 Top HR Tools for Startups

Running a startup usually entails wearing many hats. From payroll processing to onboarding, administrative tasks can eat up all of your time. However, due to budget restrictions, hiring HR personnel may not be feasible. Fortunately, many HR tools can help you automate tasks and stay on top of your game. Interested in knowing more about them? Here are the best 5 HR tools that you should consider.

1)  BambooHR

Because BambooHR is a cloud-based tool, you will not have to worry about losing hours of work due to power outages. In a nutshell, this software streamlines the whole hiring process by allowing you to post job listings and track the status of the applications you receive through its intuitive interface. BambooHR also makes time-consuming processes like onboarding and PTO management a breeze. However, if you want an HR software that doubles as a payroll processing tool , you might need to look elsewhere. Overall, BambooHR is perfect for both big and small teams alike Malaysia Gambling house, as it costs only $6.19 a month per employee — a fair price for the features you get.

2)  Cezanne HR

Customizable packages are all the rage now, and the creators of Cezanne HR have capitalized on this, allowing their clients to personalize their plans to fit their budgets and needs. You can pick from a wide array of features, including recruitment management, performance reports, and payroll tools. What is great about this software is that it can process multiple currencies, which makes it a great pick for small businesses that deal with offshore clients or partners. You can even get packages that accommodate up to 5000 employees, so Cezanne HR might be the software you are looking for if you plan to scale up your startup soon. Due to its customizable nature, there is no set price for Cezanne HR, but it starts at $200 a month.

3)  Zenefits

Like any other HR software, Zenefits enables business owners and HR teams to streamline tasks, such as paperwork and data management and onboarding. However, what sets it apart from other programs is its ability to conduct background checks on applicants, which makes it an extremely powerful tool for recruitment. Moreover, you can manage payroll and employee benefits using the built-in features in the software without needing third-party apps or plug-ins. Zenefits has 3 packages: Essentials for $8 a month, Growth for $14 a month, and Zen for $21 a month per employee. Although Zenefits’ prices are not too high, it doesn’t have a free trial version, so you will not know for sure if it is the right choice for your business without subscribing.

4)  PeopleSpheres

If you already have an HR software and want to upgrade to a better one, PeopleSpheres can help with that. Thanks to its plethora of integrations, this software helps you centralize all your data with ease. It also allows managers to set up a separate profile for each employee, complete with all their relevant data like POT requests and performance reports. To facilitate communication, PeopleSpheres sends notifications to employees to inform them of the status of their requests. The most basic plan costs only $5 per employee, which is why business owners with limited budgets usually prefer PeopleSpheres.

5)  Staff Squared

With its smart calendar feature, Staff Squared is another cloud-based HR tool that saves time and effort when it comes to onboarding, creating performance reports, and tracking holiday balances and sick leaves. It also makes managing HR-related documents extremely easy, thanks to its data storage centralization solutions. If your business is based in the EU, Staff Squared is the obvious choice because it helps you ensure GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance. The software offers a 14-day trial, after which you will have to pay a fixed rate of £3.5, or $4.5 per employee. You can get 20% off as well if you opt for the annual package.

Using spreadsheets is a good starting point for many small businesses, but it is not an effective long-term solution in most cases. As your company grows, traditional solutions will not cut it, and you will eventually find yourself needing specialized HR software. Although all the above mentioned tools are great options, our personal favorite is Zenefits. It simply includes all the functionalities you need, not to mention that its background check tool and prices make it the perfect software for most employers regardless of the size of their staff.

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