5 Software to Help You with Your Business Plan

Any successful business person would tell you that the key to their success is efficient planning. It’s safe to say that creating a solid business plan is more than half of the work of any organization. This plan can be used later to decide on the business direction and overall goals and objectives.

A good business plan should include critical information such as details about your products and services,  market analysis, as well as the organization structure. However, as important as business plans are, they are not easy to figure out. This is where business plan software comes in handy. Continue on reading to learn about 5 different online platforms that can help you do your business plan.

1.   LivePlan

If you are looking for a step-by-step guide that can help you create a robust business plan, LivePlan comes highly recommended by market pioneers. The software is known for its customizable built-in templates that can help you fill in your specific measures to generate your business plan. When you use LivePlan, you will have access to their accommodating learning tool to enrich your experience and allow you to make use of the special cloud-based features. If you usually face difficulties analyzing your financial data to make accurate predictions, LivePlan is great in processing numbers into easy to read information. Even though it’s a simple and straightforward software, it does require some level of experience if you want to benefit from all of its sophisticated features.

Pricing: An annual LivePlan package will cost you around 140 USD; however, you can start with a monthly subscription at 20 USD before you can decide if it’s the right software for you or not.

2.   AchieveIt

AchieveIt is another business plan software that you can benefit from as you move forward. Thanks to its customizable dashboard, your management team can use the data to evaluate and manage employees’ performance at all times. This software works seamlessly with companies from different industries. Professionals like this software because it provides them with context as to why a process enhancement is recommended, for example. However, much like LivePlan, AchieveIt is unsuitable for absolute beginners and works best for mature organizations.

Pricing: If you want to learn about the pricing packages, you will have to ask for a customized quote as per your business needs.

3.   Business Plan Pro

Business Plan Pro is the favored business plan software amongst small business owners. This software provides more than 500 business plan templates to cover the needs of all kinds of organizations, regardless of their size and industry. It also doesn’t hurt that Business Plan Pro boasts exceptionally efficient customer support available to take and handle your queries around the clock. Like most business plan software, you can use Business Plan Pro to extract financial progress reports and financial projections. However, the real advantage that this software offers is the fundraising management feature to help you reach your investors in a more efficient way.

Pricing: The standard edition of Business Plan Pro will set you back 100 USD a month.

4.   BizPlanBuilder

For industry-specific business plan templates, BizPlanBuilder can help you actualize your vision to create meaningful and realistic objectives for your business. If you are running a small business and want to involve your handful of employees in the business plan creation, BizPlanBuilder offers a great real-time collaboration feature for everyone to edit and add as they see fit. This software also comes with a simple, easy to use HR and legal document builder to help you get a head start in this area.

Pricing: For 97 USD a month and a 14-day free trial, you can enjoy all the cool features this software has to offer.

5.   Enloop

Enloop is more of a short-term strategic tool that can help you better understand the financial worth of your business ideas. Using Eneloop, you can compare your financial stance with that of the market average to understand how you compare to your competitors. Enloop is especially popular with inexperienced entrepreneurs thanks to the smart scoring feature known as Enloop Performance score (EPS). Using EPS, you get to see the projected efficacy of each new step you add to your business plan which gives you a much needed sense of direction as you progress. Furthermore, the platform gives you the option to create either an annual or a 36 month business plan both including balance sheet and cash flow forecasts.

Pricing: You can choose between a detailed package at a mere 20 USD a month, or upgrade to the performance version at 40 USD a month with a 7-day free trial.

Before deciding which business plan software to go for, you have to understand the unique functions and features each one has to offer. From the above list, LivePlan was found to be the best business planning online platform; especially when it came to user interface and availability of learning resources. On the other end of the spectrum, Enloop is a pretty decent choice if you’re looking for a platform to help create a quick business plan without all of the extra features. Your best bet is to make use of the free-trials in order to test out the features each software has to offer. Factoring in your budget and the platform’s interface, you should be able to make the best decision for your business needs.

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