Top 5 Online Platforms to Connect your Team

The key to running a successful business will always be communication. This is especially more true in such challenging times as we’re facing in 2020 where many companies have shifted to remote working to protect their staff from the ramifications of a global pandemic. Fortunately, we live in a time where remote communications are easier than ever courtesy of the internet and online tools. These are the top 5 online platforms that you can use to connect your team.

1.  Slack

When it comes to maintaining efficient communication lines between teams, Slack is one of the best available platforms in the market. The great thing about Slack is how it keeps communication channels organized efficiently and simply. You can create different channels for each of your teams as well as general ones that could help you connect everyone in the company. These channels can be used to deliver feedback, exchange documents, and exchange questions and answers efficiently and quickly.


This is another highly popular online platform among remote workers which can help you create a virtual workspace as though you were in a physical office. With its simple and easy to navigate interface, can be used to not just connect remote employees, but also alert them about tasks and keep the workflow organized and the deadlines tracked. The platform also offers customizable templates to help you manage and track projects more efficiently.

3.  Zoom

Workflow tracking aside, what do you do when you want to have an online meeting with your team members? In the past, this used to be a cumbersome experience with most of the meeting participants suffering from delays in the video and technical hiccups. This is where Zoom comes in. It is one of the most efficient online platforms for conducting virtual meetings, and it can accommodate a large number of people in the same virtual meeting, too.

4.  Swivle

Swivle is an online platform that can help you manage all your digital assets in one place. The platform offers a ton of integrated options that can make managing your workflow a lot easier. Through Swivle, you can share documents and files with your team members, get feedback and approvals, and keep the content review and processing aspects of your business managed efficiently.

5.  Trello

There are plenty of project management apps and software out there, but Trello often stands out due to its simplicity and excellent performance. Through this platform, you can keep an eye on every project your team is working on, thus increasing productivity. The great thing about Trello is how it gives you plenty of options to manage your workflow however you please and depending on your work process.

These are some of the top online platforms that you can use to connect your teams and increase their productivity. Some of them are free with premium upgrade options, while others cost a monthly or yearly subscription fee. You need to first understand your work process and what the business needs so you can select one or more of these platforms to efficiently connect your team.

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