6 Books Every Entrepreneur Must Read

While it certainly has its appeal, entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. It takes a lot of courage, strength, and persistence to create your own vision in a world as advanced as ours. Coming up with a new idea is not easy when it feels like all the good ideas have already been implemented. Finding a new solution can seem impossible in this technological era; devising a new system can seem pointless in the face of the information abundance the internet has provided us with.

However, whoever said anything about entrepreneurship reinventing the wheel? In fact, the most successful entrepreneurs are those who took off where others had stopped. To help you out with your entrepreneurial journey, here are 6 books we’ve handpicked for every aspiring and established entrepreneur to read.

1.   The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

In his book, The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigh shares invaluable insights into how our brain works to develop habits. He outlines the process of creating good habits and, ultimately, destroying bad ones in concise and straightforward pathways that can be easily hacked. While knowing this process is crucial to creating a productive and fulfilling lifestyle, through which you can balance between the hectic entrepreneurial life and personal needs, the process serves more than personal development. He shares many examples of how organizations take advantage of this process to gain more customers and create market demand.

2.   The Culture Blueprint by Robert Richman

Every business owner knows that workplace culture is one of the cornerstones of a successful business. You can invest in the best resources and implement the best processes but, without a strong work culture to discipline the employees, most of your efforts will be wasted. You’ll find more about that and more in Robert Richman’s book, The Culture Blueprint. By following his step-by-step guide, you’ll be able to create and implement scalable systems that translate into a high-performance work culture.

3.   The 4 Disciplines of Execution by Chris McChesney, Sean Covey, and Jim Huling

Once you dive into daily operations, keeping track of the main goals becomes more challenging by the day. While it’s true that you would have initially broken down the main goals into actionable daily tasks, the bigger picture often gets blurred in the middle of the chaos. Since it’s entirely unreasonable to stop all operations and revisit and restructure the plan, Chris McChesney, Sean Covey, and Jim Huling came up with the 4 disciplines of execution. What if, instead of stopping all operations, you can leave everything running as it is and identify one area you can change to deliver the biggest impact?

4.   Business Model Generation: A Handbook for Visionaries, Game Changers, and Challengers by Alexander Osterwalder

Alexander Osterwalder came up with a masterpiece that changed the way entrepreneurs go about creating their startups. Business Model Generation provides all the information an aspiring entrepreneur needs to set up their business structure, laying out this information in a simple and visualized presentation that gets the point across. By following the canvas outlined in the book, they’ll be able to devise a fully operational model they can scale up.

5.   The Startup Owner’s Manual by Steve Blank and Bob Dorf.

The Startup Owner’s Manual is another step-by-step guide that challenges the old system of creating businesses and provides a much simpler approach for entrepreneurs. In their book, Steve Blank and Bob Dorf take off where the theory of Customer Development and Agile and Lean Engineering left, resulting in the modern and simplistic approach to creating a more sustainable business model.

6.   Running Lean: Iterate from Plan A to a Plan that Works by Ash Maurya

Ash Maurya gave us another masterpiece by publishing Running Lean. In his book, he builds on the three well-known concepts of Lean Startup, Customer Development, and Bootstrapping. He takes us through a step-by-step journey as to how we can implement these concepts to come up with new products and services.

The real entrepreneurial spirit is manifested in a never-ending journey of self-development. It means you need to start by learning everything that’s out there and then find the best way to add your unique touch. As usual, the best way to go about that is to read useful books that give you invaluable insights as to how to live the entrepreneurial life in the most efficient and effective way.

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