Thank you Fit & Fix for finally raising the issue of tire safety

Road safety in Egypt has been an issue forever. No matter where you go, you will always see an accident on the road. Sometimes it’s the road that needs work or the signs are missing, and sometimes it’s the reckless driving and not focusing enough on it.

In all cases, having a reliable vehicle that is ready for the road, helps protect you and your loved ones from road crashes which can be deadly.

Yesterday, Fit & Fix Egypt released an awareness video that showcases the danger of driving on the road with expired, worn out, or simply not properly inflated tires; something that is quite simple yet extremely important, and yet many people overlook.

In 2 days, the video has been viewed 200,000 times with an amazing engagement rate of 10% reactions to views, and 10% shares to views. Most of the comments on the ad were positive despite the dramatic effect on people.

The video, VO’d by the famous Maged El Kedwany, was produced by Tayarah, that has been active lately in the branded content area. It has been produced over a year ago and was parked in fear of how it would be perceived by the audience. Well it may be a little upsetting to see reality, but it is also important to see things the way they are in order to avoid unpleasant incidents. Thank you Fit & Fix for this eye opener.

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