Egypt’s top Youtube Ramadan Networks

Although it may not have been the top Network on TV in Ramadan, yet it is has embraced digital ahead of its competitors, and here’s the pay back. OnTV managed to be the #1 network viewed in Ramadan this year with more than 56 Million views.

ONtv - Small

The channel that was created in 2010 with more than 380 Million Views and recently reaching 1 Million subscribers had one of the most popular series on YouTube this year القيصر that had more than 38 Million views alone helping the channel lead the list.


Hayat - Small

In the second place, comes the media giant channel that has been under news attention recently due to rumored change in it’s selling arm. This year AlHayah TV network had the top viewed content in Ramadan this year: هاني في الأدغال starring Hany Ramzy. The comedy prank show received more than 40 Million views beating the rest of the network’s content by far as the next show on the network  الميزان got only 2 Million views.


CBC - Small

CBC network came in the 3rd place with 38 Million views close to Alhayah network. However CBC was the most diversified channel as its views didn’t come from a star content like the top 2, but rather from more than 4 highly viewed series; جراند اوتيل was the highest viewed with 9 Million views, followed by سقوط حرونوس, and فوق مستوى الشبهات, each with 6 Million views each.

The rest of the Networks such as MBC and Al Nahar have kept their views private by hosting their content on their own platforms. The data mentioned above is only covering channels hosted on YouTube.

Ramadan had a lot of ads this year, here’s the list of top viewed Ramadan ads on YouTube.

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