Egypt’s most creative mobile network just arrived: Maddict

The Opera Media Works partner that has been in the region since 2012 is launching in it’s 4th market Egypt, after succeeding in Lebanon and the GCC.

Maddict has 13 Million Unique Users from Egypt and over 200 Apps & Mobile Sites to advertise on.

So what’s new here, there many mobile advertisers in Egypt?

Maddict provides very creative executions using some native smartphone functionalities that can provide the user with a rich fun experience while giving the brand a nice way of displaying its message. For example:

Voice Recognition:


With a simple blow to your phone’s speaker, you can interact with an Ad. The harder the blow, a different trigger for action can be generated to display a different message or generate an action in a game.





Gyrometer Control:

Did you know that your Iphone has a compass? well the technical term is Gyrometer, and it can begyno used in campaigns. A simple application is a spin-the-wheel competition or offer which has a popular demand for different clients nowadays.







Your phone can also measure your pulse, or your heart rate. How creatively can you use that in Valentine’s day, and  how beneficial is it to use such executional option in the event that so many brands in the market want to make use of in order to push sales. Maddict provides a unique opportunity for creativity on the go.









These are a few examples of what the new ad network can offer in a market that is transitioning into mobile more everyday.

More info and executions can be found on Maddict website

We look forward to seeing how brands will be using these new formats


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